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Predictable and unpredictable situations Essays

Predictable and unpredictable situations Essays Predictable and unpredictable situations Essay Predictable and unpredictable situations Essay Customer service within a business will have to be trained to deal with predictable and unpredictable situations. An example of a predictable situation is that if you are horrible to a customer then they will come back to the business to complain. This is a predictable situation because you know that it is going to happen but they usually happen quit regularly. An example of an unpredictable situation is if there was a fire or if your credit card doesnt work. These are unpredictable situations because you dont know when it is going to happen. Staff would have to be trained for these issues so they can deal with them properly. Staff within the customer service of a business will have to know about all the different types of products and have knowledge on them because if there was a customer who wanted to know something they would have to have the knowledge about the products to answer. Some examples that customers might ask is where something is, how much it is or do you sell something. By the staff knowing knowledge about there business they will be able to be more helpful to there customers.  Information at different levels of understanding  When the business has information they need to know they have to have knowledge of it. They need to know it at different levels because people have different levels of understanding. Are people that speak different languages, people with learning difficulties and well-educated people? If they have a good knowledge then they will be able to help the customers as much as they want. Different people may or may not know what they want so you have to be aware of this when you are dealing with them. The business has to train their staff to deal with different issues e.g. sensitive issues. Another thing they have to be trained in is what is said or written. Some examples or both of these are people with different religions, people with different believes disabled people and if something is said about another member of staff, which gets back to them.  When customers have to be referred to some one else  In some cases customers will have to be referred to some one else, some of these situations are when a customer has a complaint which may have to be taken to the manager or if a member of the public went in and wanted a job then the staff that where on the shop floor would probably not know what they have to do so they made need to go to a member of staff higher up the organisation. One other examples of having to be referred to another member of staff are if the customer loses their credit card they will have to be transferred to the security. There will also be a lot more sit uations where customers will have to be referred to some one else which you made not realise has to be done. Some other situations where some has to be referred to some one else is when a delivery comes in they might need to see a member of staff and some customers might need to change a ticket that they have brought e.g. if it was a train station that they brought it from.  Legal requirements  Within a business there are a lot of legal requirements that have to be met concerning information suppliers; these have to be met because otherwise the company could be shut down. The company would make sure they made these requirements by the mangers telling there staff to keep working the right way and to the book.

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Je tu il elle on vous - Singular French Subject Pronouns

Je tu il elle on vous - Singular French Subject Pronouns To replace a noun, French uses a word called â€Å"a pronoun†. You choose this pronoun according to both the grammatical value of the word it replaces and the meaning of the word it replaces. Anne est au marcheÃŒ . Elle est avec Mary.Anne is at the market. She is with Mary   To replace â€Å"Anne† in the second sentence, I used â€Å"elle† (she). â€Å"Elle† is a subject pronoun: it replaces a noun subject of the verb, and its a third person singular to match Anne which is a person about whom I am speaking, feminine, one person, so she. What is a Subject? The subject is the person or thing that does the action of the verb.   How do you Find the Subject of a Sentence in French? There is an easy way to find the subject of a sentence, and its important in French you learn this grammatical question in order to be able to find the subject of a verb without any doubt. First, find the verb. Then ask: â€Å"who verb† or â€Å"what verb†.  The answer to that question will be your subject. A subject is a noun (Camille, flower, room...) or a pronoun (I, you, they...). It can be a person, a thing, a place, an idea...   Examples:  I paint.Who paints?Answer: I paint. â€Å"I† is the subject. Camille is teaching French.Who is teaching?Answer:  Camille is teaching.â€Å"Camille† is the subject.   What is happening to Camille?What’s happening?Answer:  What is happening.â€Å"What† is the subject (This one was trickier, wasn’t it?)   French Subject Pronouns Replacing One Person In French, the list of singular subject pronouns is: Je (or j’ vowel or h, its called an elision) I  Ã‚   Tu (never t’) you singular informal   Il it, he - long â€Å"ee† sound​ Elle it, she - short clip â€Å"L† sound On - this one is more difficult to understand. It used to mean â€Å" one â€Å", but nowadays is used in casual French to say â€Å" we , instead of the now more formal/written form â€Å" nous â€Å". So although its listed as a singular pronoun, nowadays its mostly used to replace several people, so for a plural. See my lesson on on. Vous you, one person, formal. Note that vous is also the pronoun we use for you plural, when you say you to talk to more than one person (yous guys :-) Traditionally, vous is listed as a plural subject pronoun, although it can and does often refer to only one person. Its confusing, I know, so I wrote a whole lesson on tu versus vous. ​French Subject Pronouns Replacing Several People In French, the list of plural subject pronouns (replacing several people) is: Nous we - S is silent, but becomes Z when followed by a vowel or an h. (Nowadays, â€Å" nous â€Å" is used in a formal context and in writing mostly. In conversation, we tend to use â€Å"onâ€Å"). Vous you plural, both formal and informal - S is silent, but becomes Z vowel or an h. Ils they masculine or they masculine and feminine - S is silent, but becomes Z vowel or an h. Elles they feminine ONLY - S is silent, but becomes Z vowel or an h. ​Important : In Pronunciation Il ils / elle elles â€Å"Il† and ils have the same pronunciation, sort of an English eel, and â€Å"Elle† has the same pronunciation as its plural form â€Å"Elles† sort of an English   L sound . Do not pronounce the S to remember the spelling; it would mess up your pronunciation! Oh, and since Im talking about pronunciation, you will soon see that most verbs will take an silent ent to match with ils and elles - Im not explaining the whole French conjugation concept here yet, just planting a seed: this ent matching ils and elles will always be silent. Its not pronounced an, its not pronounced at all. Never in a verb. Its a very bad, but very common mistake French student make. No it Subject Pronoun in French There is no â€Å"it† form in French. Everything: objects, concepts, animals etc. are either masculine or  feminine in French, and are therefore referred to as â€Å"il† or â€Å"elle†. So dont think of il and elle as being only he and she, they also mean it. It will be weird at first, but you will get used to it, I promise.   What Do First, Second, Third Person Singular and Plural Mean? This concept is often baffling to student of French, but its a standard for grammatical jargon. Subject pronouns are often referred to as persons and this is how most grammar books will present a French verb conjugation : a table, with 3 lines, and two columns. As an example, I will take the verb chanter, to sing, in the present indicative tense. Singular Plural Je chante Nous chantons Tu chantes Vous chantez Il, elle, on chante Ils, elles chantent Je is often referred to as the first person singular or 1ps, tu as second person singular or 2ps... can you guess nous? 1st person plural. Which makes ils and elles both third person plural. This presentation is super confusing if you ask me since vous for example could replace BOTH a singular or a plural... But its very common to talk about verbs this way in French, and most French teachers are so accustom to it that they wont even understand that its weird...   French Subject Pronouns in Detail So now that you get an overview of the singular French subject pronouns, lets look at them individually. There is a lot to be said on each. Singular French Subject Pronouns Je Tu Il Elle (what about moi, me, mon...?) Plural French Subject Pronouns Nous, Vous, Ils, Elles (please dont say the s)The Misunderstood French Subject Pronoun on. Finally, before you can go ahead and start conjugating your French verbs, I will encourage you to learn more about Tu versus Vous - A French Dilemma.   I post exclusive mini lessons, tips, pictures and more daily on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest  pages - so join me there!

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Application of Nursing Theory to administrative practice arena Coursework

Application of Nursing Theory to administrative practice arena - Coursework Example According to Meleis (2007), self-care theory supports the establishment of contractual associations between nurses and patients. The establishment of effective communication between the nurse and the patient then promotes effective communication between the patient and the nurse. In this case, the nurse leaders can set effective communication with the nurses who then replicate the same to their patients. Notably, effective communication between the patient and the nurse is essential in the provision of high-quality patient care and patient satisfaction. McEwen and Weill (2014) views the interpersonal relations between patient and nurses as a primary element of nursing care in Orem’s theory of self-care. It is these nurse-patient interactions that are open, approving and stress on patient accountability that are associated with positive patient treatment outcomes. Additionally, Basavanthappa (2007) acknowledges that the self-care theory offers a patient-centered and individualized care that promotes confidence and encourages participation of the patients in the care design and buttresses the expectations of the patients and their discernments on quality of care, thus promoting patient satisfaction

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Psychological Assessment Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Psychological Assessment Model - Essay Example Moreover, if skilled clinicians could each independently assess several of the same clients, they should arrive at differential assessment conclusions appropriate to each client. In any case, clinicians should make accurate, comprehensive assessment decisions regardless of (a) their cultural backgrounds, (b) the clients cultural background, and (c) the complexity and nature of the presenting problem(s).† One social and psychological variable, among many others that must be taken into consideration, is culture. Unfortunately, this variable is usually mishandled or overlooked in the process. According to Ridley, Li, and Hill (1998, p. 1), â€Å"Culture is one such variable that permeates human experience. It affects the way people label illness, identify symptoms, seek help, decide whether someone is normal or abnormal, set expectations for therapists and clients, give themselves personal meaning, and understand morality and altered states of consciousness. Sometimes clinicians give culture too much credence in assessment, resulting in their overlooking or underdiagnosing of psychopathology, or they may not give culture due consideration, resulting in their overdiagnosing of psychopathology.† One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with culture when it comes to mental health professionals is deciding whether a person of a particular culture is abnormal in general or if they are considered abnormal within their culture. As a result, culture must be incorporate into psychological assessment. Most clinicians are not properly trained to assess multicultural clients in the current situation at mental health facilities. This is particularly a problem because accurate assessment is crucial in helping an individual in need. Mainstream assessment methods have even been found to be dangerous to multicultural individuals and groups (Spengler,

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Informatics In Public Health Information Technology Essay

Informatics In Public Health Information Technology Essay Yasnoff et al(2000)stated that effective public health requires timely, accurate, and informative information from a wide variety of sources. Not surprisingly, public health professionals have been among the earliest users of computers , other information technologies from which numerous and useful computerized information and surveillance systems have been developed(Yasnoff et al, 2000).A more systematic and informed approach to the application of information science and technology needs to be utilized in order to take full advantage of its potential to enhance and facilitate public health activities(Yasnoff et al, 2000). However, OCarroll et al(2002)defined public health informatics as the systematic application of information and computer science and technology to public health practice, research, and learning. Public health informatics is primarily an engineering discipline and a practical activity ungirded by science and oriented to the accomplishment of specific tasks(OCarroll et al, 2002). How informatics impact or improve public health? The scope of public health informatics includes the conceptualization, design, development, deployment, refinement maintenance, and evaluation of communication, surveillance, information, and learning systems relevant to public health(OCarroll et al, 2002). Using strategies and standards, practitioners employ public health informatics tools and training to maximize health impacts at local, state, and national levels(CDC, 2006).They develop and deploy information technology solutions that provide accurate, timely, and secure information to guide public health action(CDC, 2006). Public health informatics involves the application of knowledge and practice from numerous disciplines that contribute to public health(OCarroll et al, 2002).Advances in public health informatics resulted in public health innovations and added value to interventions by providing the capability for more timely detection of health problems and more complete and efficient health communications (CDC, 2006). Surveillance is an aspect of public health that can be dramatically transformed by the application of information technology(Yasnoff et al, 2000). How public health informatics is different from medical informatics? The primary focus of public health informatics is on the applications of information science and technology that promote the health of populations while the primary focus of medical informatics is on the health of specific individuals who presents with a specific disease or condition requiring diagnosis and treatment(OCarroll et al, 2002). A primary focus of public health informatics is on the applications of information science and technology that prevent disease and injury by altering the conditions that put populations of individuals at risk while whereas medical informatics is on the application of information science and technology for the treatment of individuals who already have a disease or high risk conditions(OCarroll et al, 2002). Prevention approach in public health informatics is not predetermined by professional discipline, but rather by effectiveness, expediency, cost, and social acceptability of intervening at various potentially vulnerable points in a causal chain whereas medical informatics preventive interventions is within the context of each professional discipline with focus on one or a few points in the causal chain(OCarroll et al, 2002). Public health informatics is not restricted to particular social, behavioral, or environmental contexts whereas medical informatics is restricted to clinical and surgical encounters(OCarroll et al, 2002). Public health informatics involves operation within a governmental context requiring responsiveness to legislative, regulatory, and policy directives whereas medical informatics involves operation through private practices, clinics, hospitals, with governmental direction primarily in terms of quality assurance (OCarroll et al, 2002). References. OCarroll, P,W; Yasnoff, W, A; Ward, M,E; Ripp, L,H; Martin,E;L.(2002).Public health informatics and information systems. Springer. Yasnoff, W, A; OCarroll, P,W; Koo, D; Linkins, R, W; Kilbourne,E;M.(2000).Public health informatics: Improving and transforming public health in the information age. Journal of Public Health Management Practice Vol 6(6); p67-75. CDC(2006).Informatics and public health at CDC. MMWR Vol 55(SUP02); 25-28. Retrieved from http// Top of Form Week 1: Introduction to Informatics in Public Health Discussion It was not until 1988 that efforts by the Institute of Medicine described public health with a working definition that outlined its mission, components, and core functions, as a result, the focus began to shift from medicine and treatment of disease to public health and its goals of prevention and health promotion (Schneider 2006). As noted by OCarroll (2003), with public health reform, an increase in managed care and the revolution of new technology, public health professionals increased the need of public health informatics forcing the transition of traditional methods of information storage to the development of technological software. Prior to the emergence of public health as a discipline, medical informatics was employed in various healthcare institutions. Hasman and Haux (1996) described medical informatics as discipline that intersects information science, computer science, and health care to address the storage, retrieval, and use biomedical information for problem solving and decision making. To keep abreast of an ever changing technological society, public health informatics emerged. OCarroll, 2003 noted that public health informatics is defined as the systematic application of information and computer science and technology to public health practice, research and learning (p5). According to OCarroll (2003), it is different from medical informatics because it focuses on populations, disease prevention, preventative interventions, and governmental operations. Informatics is now a discipline that is increasing being integrated into the field of public health. The National Center for Public Health Informatics (NCPHI), for example, is one of the national centers of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Started in 2005, the NCPHI in composed of five divisions and seeks to use information technology to aid in surveillance, outbreak response, and laboratory reporting and other aspects of public health. The goals of the center is to enhance monitoring and research and increase real time access to health information. The National Centers for Public Health Informatics although a fairly new have several tools in place to maximize access to health information (CDC 2009). The use of informatics of found throughout the field of public health. With the development of new technology, public health informatics seeks to further incorporate new software to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the collection, analysis, and reporting of public health information. To fully embrace the impact informatics can have on public health OCarroll (2003) claimed that education and training is imperative to decrease the sense of inadequacy among public health professionals and promote the widespread implementation of public health informatics as a discipline.

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Ben and Jerry’s Case Study

The world outside the US, Europe and ANZ relates US business today with Microsoft, Citibank and Google. Not much is known about Ben and Jerry, nor is the company taken up for discussion in management schools in the emerging nations of the world. This is a pity as the history of this company is the stuff of corporate legend and provides a very different perspective of the image of US companiesBen Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, school companions at Calhoun High School in Merrick, Long Island teamed up in 1978 to open an ice cream shop in Burlington, Vermont. Both were twenty-seven years old and unlikely entrepreneurs. They had never been to business school and had tinkered around with academics and disparate work opportunities before deciding to make ice cream. Ben had attended three different colleges before dropping out and had supported himself with low-end jobs while he freewheeled through life.He learned craft and worked as a craft teacher for three years teaching pottery, stained gl ass, and film making to disturbed adolescents before he started his small ice cream shop in a converted gas station. Jerry graduated from high school with a merit scholarship but could not get admission to medical school despite trying more than once. In 1977, he along with Ben took a correspondence course in ice cream making from Penn State before opening their parlor.Both Ben and Jerry, products of the counter culture of the sixties were never interested in creating large businesses and looked upon the venture more as a means of livelihood, which would enable them to live lives of dignity and allow them to work on social causes.They carried with them beliefs and ideologies that were in many ways opposed to the thinking of profit oriented business corporations. This ideology with its’ stress on human values guided the strategy and mission of Ben and Jerry’s. Among other things, it also led to the formulation of the 5:1 remuneration practice, wherein the company decree d that the highest individual employee payout would not be more than 5 times the entry-level salary at base level.The very thought of such an idea in a business environment where similar ratios moved in the region of 90:1 was revolutionary. It was indicative of Ben’s desire to place social commitment above business expediency and was to be a forerunner of the strategy the company would follow in all areas.The ice cream company did well. The business grew to become a manufacturer of distinctive ice cream products with a geographic reach far beyond Vermont. In barely ten years, it became one of the largest ice cream producers in the US; respected for its unusual business practices and social commitment. The company adopted a number of practices, which were distanced from those of a profit and cost conscious business organization. Most decisions were judgmental and stemmed from ideology and conviction.The ice cream had large chunks or tidbits of flavoring which broke up the smoo thness but provided a chewy and delightful sensation. The products were natural and had no artificial ingredients though some of the chunks did. It was made only in Vermont with local milk. Marketing efforts eschewed traditional methods and market research and media spend did not figure in the scheme of things. Promotions were through sponsoring of educational events, summer music festivals and the like.The company, in its’ initial days was targeted by market leaders Haagen Dazs. It took the leader on both in the courts and on the streets with their â€Å"What is the Doughboy afraid of?† campaign and sales soared after Haagen Dazs came up with an out of court settlement. The continuous social commitment of Ben and Jerry’s, its unstructured and informal working atmosphere and its’ quality and consumer focus remained unaltered as the company grew in size and reputation.In 1988, barely ten years after formation, ben and Jerry were named small business person s of the year. Ben Cohen went to the White House in a borrowed suit to pick up the trophy. By then the company had identified twelve core markets covering   two thirds of US superpremium sales and had achieved distribution in each supermarket chain inthese areas.The social commitment of the company was evinced in a number of areas and was exemplified by its 5:1 employee remuneration policy. It was this commitment which finally led to a rift between Ben Cohen, the major shareholder and the President, Chico Lager. This is the primary focus of this case study.

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Introducing Social Problems to Write about

Introducing Social Problems to Write about These prices have to be prepared for the public writing report. It is recommended to look for the one which has an excellent reputation and offers high-quality papers at inexpensive rates. In addition, there are issues which don't fall into either category, including wars. Ladies have a tendency to understand their victim, and in several cases report using violence in self-defence. Everything you should do is to fill out the shape and to be responsible for services. As an example, as a writer, you can control what content which you choose to write about but you maynot control the way your work is going to be received. Your support people currently devote an insane quantity of time on issues. In addition, by utilizing email, you eliminate several of the communication issues that arrive with supporting a global item. Sharing expert blog posts in social media is a superb means to obtain exposure as well as search engines. You might have heard that social networks ought to be part of your advertising. Social media as a new kind of child-bullying. Also make sure that you write about content associated with your organization. You also receive a fine opportunity to dig more into research! For a social issue to be classified as an issue, it has to be getting attention from the general public. When picking your social problems topic, try to remember that it's always much better to write about something you're already more or less acquainted with. By following the easy tasks above you'll be on your way to figuring out how to compose a blog post and never run out of ideas. Get the Scoop on Social Problems to Write about Before You're Too Late Although there are different problems that can be credited to this, the total cause of these has become the failure by the state to deal with the requirem ents of its citizens well. It results in inadequate education, environmental degradation and a good deal of other social issues. Furthermore, these problems are related to one another and it can appear hard to address one without addressing them all. Difficulties with the environment are almost directly associated with poverty and issues with education. Poverty is among the principal social trouble in the world. This social issue is a choice case of a problem that will resonate with a huge audience. The cost of an essay rides on the total amount of effort the writer has to exert. While all pieces of your essay ask you to respond in your words, it's important to substantiate your argument with three or more academic sources, with one reference from your e-Text. Maybe you'd also love to create digital products or compose a book. To start with, your essay is supposed to deal with a particular social, psychological or anthropological matter. If you are now out of work and feeling hopeless, you aren't alone. You may cull those from your own private experience. However, you can be positive the majority of the moment. All of them work and run the exact same. Attempt as much as possible to concentrate on what is good in life. Therefore, if you think about just how bad your life is, then you'll produce more situations and circumstances that will cause you to feel bad. So begin focusing on the fantastic things consistently and you will notice the way your life will change. You also have a great life if you're able to properly clothe and feed yourself. Social Problems to Write about at a Glance What you do affects the way that you feel. You NEED an easy way for individuals to report bugs. On the flip side, as stated by the conflict theory, change is inevitable and frequently beneficial. You're building a photo of a social issue, and you will need to bring up every potential side of the story. To acquire an essay help on the internet you want to complete the application form on the site. So, you're going to be able to talk about all critical questions and changes directly. Don't hesitate to use our sample topics to produce your o wn! Use the purchase calculator below and begin! Gender and societal institutions, roles, relationships, social problems You might wish to write about the association between gender and any variety of themes or topics within this training course. One of the most important things to do to take in order to make certain that the problem is amicably resolved includes developing ample foreign laws that ensure sufficient political accountability and responsibility. It is a social problem because it is widespread and affects many of our communities and the individuals within them who do not fit the norm. Social issues have always been an essential part of the human condition.